Today we ask that you let go of your need to “be somebody.”

You are somebody.

You are somebody.  You were born somebody.  Every minute of your life, you have been somebody.  Every minute of your life, you will continue to be somebody.  And you will continue to exist even after you no longer have a body.

There is an intrinsic, perfectly defined You-ness.  It is one of a kind.  It is utterly impossible for You not to be You.

You are perfectly You, regardless of how much money you possess.

You are perfectly You, regardless of whether or not your peers recognize you as someone “important.”

You are important.  You have always been important.  Not in a puffed-up, egotistical way.

Every living creature under the sun is lovable, miraculous, and important.

Please know that you are loved.

Even if you believe that nobody in the world cares for you, and that your life is meaningless…

… you are loved.

The You that is You has been watched over at every single moment of your physical existence in this lifetime.

This is not about specific deities.  It just about the way your reality really works.

Even your scientists understand that human beings only perceive a tiny fraction of what is.  They call this vast unknown “dark matter,” and “dark energy.”  They speak of unseen dimensions curled up within your own.  They notice curious properties of matter at the quantum level.

As yet, humans know very, very little about all that is.  But greater knowledge is coming.

You are loved.  Every single one of you is loved.

And you are all terribly important.

You are important in a way that requires no ostentatious display of wealth, beauty, power, or fame.

Please know this.

You are somebody.  You have always been somebody.  You will always be somebody.