Today we ask that you do something silly.

When no one is looking, do something very silly.

Look at yourself in a mirror and make silly faces.

Make a silly noise.  Jump up and down like a monkey.

Do things that would make a small child giggle with delight.

Every now and then, it is very good to just make a complete fool of yourself.

If you’re secure enough in yourself to be silly in front of someone else, wonderful.  If not, do it in privacy.

People have a habit of taking themselves too seriously.  They get into all manner of very serious arguments with one another.

Imagine what would happen if, when having a serious argument, someone crossed his eyes, stuck out his tongue, and hopped on one foot.

The other person would find it hard to stay angry.

Whenever you start to take yourself too seriously, life has a way of throwing a banana peel in your path.

If you fall and laugh, you will feel a release.

If you fall and complain and feel grouchy, or like “you’ve been made a fool of” — well, too bad for you.

The universe has a great sense of humor.  The more you can laugh about things, the more you will enjoy life itself.

It is wonderful to be a fool.