Today we ask that you drop all pretense for a few moments, and just be honest.

What does this mean?

Many people do things that are not good for them, or others, but tell themselves lies about what they are doing.

This is like indulging in food, alcohol, or drugs that you know are just not good for you, but you tell yourself a little story about it.  You say “It won’t hurt just this once.”  “A little bit can’t do any real harm.”  “I’ll just sneak this in when no one is looking, and promise I won’t do it again for a while.”  These foolish games that people play.

It is not good to lie to people.

It is not good to take advantage of people.

It is not good to mislead people for personal gain.

It is not good to put on a false face in front of someone, then viciously gossip behind his back.

It is not good to have contempt for the people you work for, or with.  To smile at your employer or employee, then say behind his back, “I hate this person.  This person is an idiot.”

Please understand that being like this is not good for you.  It has nothing to do with the other person.  It is not good for you.

These behaviors erode your own well-being.  They erode your well-being the same way that indulging in unhealthy food, drink, or drugs erodes your well-being.

You may get a buzz, or rush, or high from being dishonest with people, or from being casually cruel.  But it is truly not good for you.

Why is it not good for you?

On an energetic level, it invites the same treatment to be visited upon you.

If you gossip cruelly about other people, count on it — someone will gossip cruelly about you.

If you take advantage of other people, count on it — someone is going to take advantage of you.

If you put on a false face for people, count on it — others will put on a false face for you.

You may protest and say “But this is how the world works!  Everyone lies, everyone cheats, everyone takes advantage, everyone gossips cruelly.  I’m just doing what everyone else does.”

So might someone say, “Everyone eats unhealthy food, everyone drinks to excess, everyone takes drugs!”

You might say that, and never understand what it is to feel truly good, and healthy.

Yet true health is possible.

How do you become healthy?  By dropping unhealthy habits, even when it is difficult.

Some of you may not know what it is like to be upright and honest when dealing with other people.

Please know that it feels good, and satisfying.  It is like eating a nourishing meal, or going for a hike in a beautiful place.  

Behavior that is good for you feels good.

Just be honest.  Drop all pretense.  

Treating others with kindness, honesty and compassion will invite the same energy into your own life.