Today we ask that you release your need to continually absorb information.

You live in a time in which human beings are endlessly deluged by information.  It arrives via the electronic media that surrounds you.  You are barraged by up-to-the-minute news, social media updates from acquaintances, and often your own obsessive need to educate yourselves via the internet.  No sooner do you think of something, some topic, than you do an online search to acquire further facts.

While there is nothing wrong with staying informed and educating yourselves, the human brain is simply not equipped in its current state to cope with the sheer volume of data many humans are attempting to process on a daily basis.

Please remember that the human brain and nervous system evolved under far different conditions.  The brain is a remarkable organ, and humans are evolving rapidly.  Nonetheless, the amount of nervous stimuli many people experience on any given day exceeds by a thousandfold — ten thousandfold — the amount of nervous stimuli your ancestors dealt with.

It is literally scrambling your brains.

The side effects of this overstimulation include: insomnia, chronic fatigue, attention deficit disorders, and a whole host of stress-related physical symptoms, such as headaches and digestive upset.

Your overstimulated nervous system overheats like a car.  To make matters worse, many people use caffeine and other stimulants to keep the engine going as a stop-gap measure.  

You are running out of oil.  Your engine will seize up.  

Over an extended period of time, continual nervous overstimulation can be quite damaging.

Cool down.  

Cool down.

Give your nervous system a break.  Step away from the computer.  Put down the phone.  

Step outside.  Get a breath of fresh air.  Look up at the sky.  

Get back into your body.

Get back into your body.

Ideally, if you can take one day a week — or even a half day — of giving your nervous system true down time, away from electronic media, it would be of immeasurable benefit to your health and well-being.  

Spend time outdoors.  Go for a hike, or hang out in a park.

Spend time with young children, or animals.  They know how to play.  How to be in their bodies.  Learn from them.  Remember what it was like.


Let go of the need to know and understand everything.  The world will not end if you’re not up on the latest.

Let go.

Let go.