Today we ask that you speak out about a secret.

Almost all of you keep secrets.

Most of the secrets you keep have to do with you.  Things that you hide from the world, because you feel ashamed or guilty.  Secrets you hide from your spouses, your friends, your loved ones — even yourself.  Secrets that you feel terribly ashamed of.

Today, we ask that you confess.  We do not ask that you confess to any other person, although you are free to “make confession” to another person if you wish.  All we ask is that you speak your secret aloud.  Just speak it aloud.  No one else needs to hear it.

The main thing is to “get it off your chest.”  Secrets are suffocating.  They literally cut off the life force.  “Getting something off your chest” is a very real phenomenon.

Speak it aloud.  Or write it down, and rip up the paper.  Get it off your chest.  You have nothing to be ashamed of, in truth.