Today we ask that you spend some time doing something that you love with all your heart.

It does not have to be anything special.  It could be playing a game you really enjoy, or watching part of a favorite movie.  All that matters is that you are doing something that you love with all your heart.

Many of you spend your days doing things that you do not love, because you feel it is your duty to do so.  We understand that you feel you have no choice in these matters.  But it is our perception that endeavors done half-heartedly tend to have half-hearted results.  And so humans waste a good deal of time half-heartedly creating half-hearted things.

If you look even at the objects around you, it is easy to tell what is half-heartedly made.  Half-heartedly made things tend to have a shoddy or disposable quality.  Whereas objects made with a whole heart have an art to them.  You can feel the great love and care that went into their design.

That is why we say that five minutes spent doing something wholeheartedly is of greater benefit to you than five days spent doing something out of half-hearted obligation.

Take this to heart.