Today we ask that you meditate on the word “queer.”

This word is very charged in your society, for it carries with it the connotation of homosexuality.  Yet the word itself has a much broader meaning.  

What is queer and strange in your reality is simply something that causes you to stop and pay attention.  To wake up.

What do we mean by this?

Say you are driving on the highway, and suddenly you see a purple cow trotting across the road.

That would be queer, wouldn’t it?

One does not ordinarily see a purple cow on the highway.  You might even pull over, get out of your car, and take a closer look at the purple cow.  You might take pictures, and tell your friends.

If you did not see the purple cow, you would have simply continued on your way, driving your car, your mind preoccupied with all the cares of your day.

The purple cow stopped you.  It arrested your consciousness.  It made you more present, more awake in your reality.

That is the power of “queerness.”  That which is queer makes you more present.  It wakes you up.

Sometimes humans feel an aversion to queer things, particularly things that strike you as freakish or ugly.  And yet within that aversion is a seed of attraction.  Hence your history of “freak shows,” and the way you are compelled to stare at freakish things even as another part of you wishes to avert your eyes.

Humans are very often afraid of queerness.  Things which strike the human mind as uncanny, strange, or supernatural are queer.

So today we ask that you sit with this word, queer.  See what comes up for you.  Especially notice any feeling of discomfort.

Please know that what is queer in your world is quite wonderful.  Anything that causes you to be more present is something to be celebrated.  Embrace queerness — both in the world, and inside yourself.