Today we ask you to listen to your heart.

What does this mean?

For the most part, people are attuned to the external world.  They listen to their senses — particularly the senses of sight and sound.  You are continually absorbing and processing information.  Often you are in a light hypnotic state as you do so, particularly when watching television or a computer screen.  You absorb information through these sources, and because you are in a light hypnotic state, you take the information in as fact.

In reality, most of the information you receive in this way is false — particularly when the information encourages feelings of fear, scarcity, and judgment of others or the self.

So today, we would ask you to listen to your heart.  What is coming in through the eyes and ears can be filtered through the heart, as well as the mind.  Your heart can tell you quite clearly if the messages you are taking in are true or false.

Try it, as you watch television, or sit in front of your computer.  As you absorb information, take a moment to connect with the space of your heart.  Notice how you feel.  Notice if there is a feeling of expansiveness in the heart, or if there is a feeling of contraction and shutting down.  If you sense contraction, then in all likelihood the information you are taking in through your eyes and ears is false.

As you cultivate the practice of listening to your heart, it will in time become much easier to discern truth from falsehood, and so take actions and make decisions that will bring you peace of mind.