Today we would ask that you “let your hair down.”  

During the workday week many of you tend to get caught up in a kind of role-playing.  You put on your work costumes and go to work.  You play out your various workday dramas.  You play your roles. 

Most of you do not perceive it as role-playing.  And yet it is.  For there is often an element of pretense that is worn in your professional pursuits.  When you are at work, you wear the particular mask associated with your job.  You have a persona. People who work with you may only know you as this persona, this mask.  Deep down you know it is not the “real you.”

However, there is a tendency for masks to be a bit sticky.  Sometimes it is hard to take a mask off.  Sometimes you don different masks for different occasions.  You wear them in the same way you wear your clothes.  Different masks for different parties and costume dramas.

Today we would ask you to let down your hair.  Take off the mask.  Stand up, and “shake off” the week.  Literally shake your body as an animal shakes off water from his fur.  Let your hair down.  Be free.  Be unconstricted.  Be loose.  Be light.  Even if only for a few moments, when no one else is watching you — be you.  Let your hair down.  Be who you really are.