Today we would ask you to meditate on the concept of power.  

This is literally a charged word in the English language.  Power is connected to forms of energy — the power that fuels your homes and cars and cities.  There is the power of authority.  There are individuals with “powerful personalities.”

So today we would ask that you simply sit with this word, power, and notice what arises in your mind.  Particularly notice if this word “power” arouses fear in you.  Do you fear power?  Does power make you feel uneasy, or defensive, or simply frightened in some vague sense?  Do you feel “powerless”?  Do you fear the misuses of power?

We would invite you to approach this word “power” with a loving heart.  Think of power in its highest, most majestic sense.  The power of nature: the waterfall, the ocean, the snow-capped mountains, the wind, the sun that shines forth its radiance, the stars gleaming in the vast depths of the cosmos.  The flight of the eagle, the leap of the lion.  Feel a sense of awe, and wonder.  Connect with that energy.

Consider powerful personalities for whom you feel a deep sense of admiration.  Individuals with tremendous courage and inner radiance.  People whose mere presence can alter the world around them for the good.  This does not have to be on a grand scale.  Sometimes individuals who outwardly lead quite mundane lives can wield extraordinary power.  

Sit with this energy, this sense of power.  Know that power is good.  Do not be afraid of it.  The energy that fuels the stars is inside you.  It is within your DNA.  Do not fear power.  It is good.