Today we ask you to meditate on grace.

This word, in the English language, has a number of lovely meanings.  There is the grace associated with form — the graceful curve of a swan’s neck, the graceful lines of a work of art.  There is grace of movement — a dancer’s grace, a leopard’s grace.  There is a graceful way one can meet life — the grace of a generous, loving spirit.

And there is of course divine grace: the light that shines forth from the deeper realms into your world of form, bringing with it the grace of forgiveness and miracles.  Grace encompasses all this and more.  It is one of your most splendid words.

So today all we ask is that you meditate for a few moments on grace.  What does it stir in your own heart.  What comes to mind.  Do you know individuals that evoke this quality of “grace” for you?

It is a beautiful word.