Today we would ask again, as we have once before in this series, to drop a grievance.  This activity is so essential, so intrinsic to maintaining your well-being, that we cannot overemphasize its importance.

It does not have to be a major grievance, some terrible hurt you are holding on to — although it can be, if you are feeling ready to do this great work.  But for most of you it is easier to work on dropping a minor grievance.

By this we mean the small, petty annoyances that dull the pleasures of your day and clutter up your consciousness.  The irritating things that your spouses, children, family members and co-workers do, often on a daily basis.  Things that you feel justified in complaining about, if only in your own mind.

Choose one of these minor complaints.  Hold it in the space of your consciousness.  Really feel that dull, irritated feeling around it.  Or if it is a sharp pain, feel the sharpness.

Imagine that this feeling has a shape.  Imagine it has a color.  Imagine it has a texture.  Imagine holding it in your hands, and feeling it.  Feel its weight.  Fell whether it is hot or cold to the touch.  Maybe it has the face of the person you are annoyed at.

Now: imagine a hole opening up in the floor.  A black, bottomless hole — smooth and flat, like Bugs Bunny’s rabbit hole.  

Toss your grievance into this hole.  See it vanish into the void.  Really let yourself feel what it feels like to get rid of this thing.

Once it has vanished, the hole closes.  It is gone.  There is no trace of it.

Notice how you feel.  Sense if there is a release in your body.  Notice if you feel better.  

Your grievances are such heavy burdens.  That is why dropping them is an act of pure self-love.