Today we would ask that you give yourself some time in a soft place.

What does this mean?

It means that as “grown-ups” you have difficulty giving yourself the simple pleasures that you so naturally give to children.  Nap time.  Cuddle time.  Snuggle up with a blanket time.

Most of you are in desperate need of such softness and warmth, but you deny it to yourselves.  Your need for this is no less great than the need of a child — but you consider it undignified, foolish, childish.  This is really quite silly.  Humans are humans, and at heart a two-year-old is not so different from a fifty-two year old.

So we would ask that today you allow yourself time in a soft place.  Whatever comes to mind when you think “soft place.”

Maybe it is the warmth of your bed — only during the daytime, when you are not going about the serious business of getting sleep so that you can be productive tomorrow.  Maybe you have a special soft blanket that you enjoy cuddling with. Maybe you live with a warm, soft animal.  Whatever conjures the feeling of being very safe, warm and soft.

Just take a little break from your activities, and rest in this soft space for a few moments.  Perhaps set a timer for three minutes.  And while you are there, let go.  Let go like a little child.  Feel whatever you feel in these moments.  

The adult body needs this time just as much as any child’s.  Your body thanks you for giving it this special time.