Today we would ask you to bring to mind something that is troubling you.  Perhaps it is some dilemma that you are in, some decision you have to make.  Perhaps it is something that is a chronic underlying cause of worry.

Whatever it is, we would ask that you sit for a moment, and imagine a visual symbol for this troubling thought.  Maybe it is a shape, a color, and has a texture.  Maybe it has the face of a particular person.  Whatever comes to mind.

Now: imagine you are tying this “trouble” to a ribbon attached to a beautiful balloon.  It is a gorgeous balloon, big and round and gleaming.  Imagine a color for this balloon.

Now: imagine releasing this balloon into the sky.  It soars away with your “trouble” attached, dangling from the ribbon.  Imagine watching this balloon float up, up and away, getting smaller, and finally disappearing into the light.

We would invite you, for the span of a day — at least until the next morning — to give your “trouble” over to a higher power.  It is with the balloon.  It has floated away.  You will not think on it or obsess over it until tomorrow.  For today, until tomorrow — let your mind and heart be free from this burden.  It has floated into the light.