Today we would ask that you continue the practice from yesterday — but today be a genie with yourself.

You may find it much harder to be giving with yourself than with someone else.  This is why we would ask that you keep the gift small with yourself, to begin with.  Imagining generosity with one’s self has a way of stirring up guilt, discomfort, and feelings of unworthiness.  That is why it is best to keep it small as a beginner’s exercise.

So: imagine you are granting yourself a wish.  Make it something that you could actually imagine happening in “real life.” Something that would be a cause for great delight, but would not require a miracle.  

Maybe it is a vacation to somewhere you would love to go.  Or a week spent in a beautiful retreat, where you could relax and restore yourself.  

Maybe it is some material object you desire, something you would love to play with and enjoy, something you consider a bit “frivolous” — but if someone else gave it to you, you would be ecstatic.  

Most of you have your little wish lists.  So today, be a genie and grant yourself a little wish.

Really let loose your powers of imagination.  If you imagine going some special place, be there.  Imagine little details — where you are staying, what the weather is like, something you might do or see.  

If you imagine going somewhere restful, let yourself feel this restful state.  Imagine yourself relaxing.

If it is a material gift, then imagine yourself playing with this new toy.  Imagine your delight, like a child on Christmas morning, as you receive this gift.  Play with it!  Enjoy.

There is nothing wrong with your desires, and no harm in daydreaming.  Please know whatever you dream up for yourself: you deserve it.  You deserve to feel good, and enjoy life.  Feel this in your heart.  Be your own genie today.