Today we would ask you to imagine something good happening to someone who you feel loving feelings toward.

It is a mental exercise, and a very simple one at that.  Just think of a friend or loved one.  And imagine something very good happening to this person.

Pretend you are a genie, and can grant this person a wish.  There is no limit to your magic powers.  Give this person a gift that you feel in your heart would make this person very happy.  The gift can be small or very big.  Just imagine what would make this person very happy.

Now imagine seeing your dear friend or loved one receiving this gift.  See their joy, their surprise, the light in their eyes, the gasp of excitement and wonder.  Perhaps they shriek with joy.  Perhaps they are stunned into wide-eyed silence.  Let your imagination run wild.

Notice how you feel in your body as you imagine this.  How pleasant it feels to give in this way.  It is good to give, isn’t it?

You can play this imagination game with as many people as you’d like.  It is a fun way to lift the spirits.