Today was one of these days when I woke up in a serious funk.  And it was hard to shake.  I did all the things that usually help: went outside, meditated.  Got present with some of the crazy thoughts rolling around my brain and was able to see, okay, now, that’s crazy.  And still that darkness kept coming back.

These little exercises that the Prophets are suggesting are, I must say, different from anything I’ve gotten from them previously.  They’ve taken on a whole new tone for this forum.  Back to basics, it seems.

But then it’s clear that I’m desperately in need of the basics.  So I’m doing these exercises myself.  The one for today definitely shifted my energy.  I recommend headphones and just a few minutes of dedicated “you” time.

Here it is:

Today we would ask everyone reading this to take a few minutes to listen to a beloved song or piece of music.  Whatever first comes to mind when you read this.  

Music that stirs emotion in you, that awakens your heart in a deep, wordless way.  We would ask you to listen to this song with your full attention.  To take a few minutes, close the door, turn away from the computer and the email and the thousand busy things you feel you ought to be doing today.

Take a few minutes, sit, and listen to this beloved music.  Feel it.  That is all.  There is nothing more to do than this.  

Just listen, and love.