This is funny.  I hadn’t planned on telling anyone about this blog until I was at least a few entries in.

But then yesterday one of the three people I’ve been open with about my channeling this past year happened to email and ask if I’d given any thought to putting this stuff out there on a blog.  No sooner do I tell her, “Oh you’re so psychic, believe it or not I just started a blog TODAY,” than she’s already posted a link on her FB page and suddenly people I don’t know are reading this thing.  Which is, I suppose, the point.  But I didn’t expect it to happen this fast!

My psychic friend is named Linda Gabriel, by the way, and I’ll give a shout-out to her fantastic blog:

“The Prophets” are all for sharing this material, but in typical fashion have asked me not to make any projections about it.   If it happens, it happens.  If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.  So I’ll take it day by day and see what comes up.  And I thank everyone who comes here!

Here’s the message for today:

Listen.  This will repeat some of what we said yesterday.

We would ask you, right now, as you are reading this, to focus on someone you love.  It can be a person you know, someone close to your heart.   But it must be someone you love without reservation.  

Maybe it is a small child.  Maybe it is someone you barely know, who did some kindness for you.  It might have happened long ago, when you were a child.  

It might be someone you don’t know.  It might be a film or TV actor who conjures good feeling for you.  A face you see on screen and you think, “Oh I love that person!”  

It might not be a person.  It might be an animal that you love, or that you once loved dearly.

Whether human or animal, hold this being in your mind right now.  Connect with that feeling of love.  Reach out with your senses.  The sight, the sound, the warmth of this being.  Feel how it feels inside your body as you hold this loved one in mind.

And then just be with that feeling.  Be with it until you are ready to release it.

Next, find a memory of eating or drinking something that you love.  It could be very simple.  It could be the warm cup of coffee or tea, or the buttery eggs, or the toast with jam.  Or the chocolate.  Or the ice cream.  Or that one meal you remember so clearly, something special, the melting on your tongue, oh yum!  

You close your eyes.  Mmm.  You love this.  You love this like a child, with an open heart.  “Oh, this is good, I love this!”  It could be something you ate this morning, or thirty years ago.  Whatever comes to mind, that is it.  And just connect with the pure simple joy of eating or drinking.

Here is the secret of secrets, majestic ones.  What you feel when you are in love, purely in love like this, like a child…

That is your natural state.  You were born as this.  You will return to this.  That feeling is who you are.