The Prophets seem to be riffing on a theme here.   They seem to want to show, rather than tell.

Just so you know, I have no idea where this is heading.  The way it works is: I meditate for a while, then open up a journal, connect with my breathing, enter a light hypnotic state, and then ask them if there’s a message for the day.  At which point I just start writing down words.  Sometimes I see images as I’m doing it.

First, I check in on a personal level and ask if they have anything to tell me.  Next, I ask if there’s a message for the group. And that’s what I post here.  There’s no editing, no thought process around this.  Whatever they tell me, I post.

Here’s today’s message:

Today we would ask you to look at something that you find especially beautiful.  Perhaps it is a flower in your garden, or in a vase.  Perhaps it is a tree, or a plant.  Perhaps it is a work of art created by human hands.  A painting, a sculpture.

It could be very simple — the sinuous curve of a ceramic pot — or as complex as a fractal.  Whatever comes to mind when you think of beauty.  Beauty that takes your breath.

It might be the face of a human being, refracted through a photographer’s lens, or the hand of a painter or sculptor.  

It should be something that arrests you, stops you in your tracks, gives rise to awe and wonder at a universe that could create such exquisiteness.

Even if it is for only one minute, allow yourself to be in love with beauty.  Let your eyes feast on this form.  The color, the texture, the shape.  Drink it in.  Feel the feelings inside your body.  There is nothing more to do than this.  Just be with beauty.