At the beginning of 2011, I started “channeling.”  It wasn’t something I sought to do.  It just sort of happened one day, in the midst of a dark, depressive period.  I found myself writing down a voice that was different from my own.  Its messages were always consistent.  No matter what kind of mental or emotional state I happened to be in, the voice was always calm and reassuring.  I found myself looking forward each day to finding out what message would turn up.   And slowly, these messages brought me back to myself.

I called my unseen guides “The Prophets,” not because what I was writing down was prophetic in nature, but because I’m something of a Star Trek geek, and these higher dimensional beings — or whatever they are — remind me of the “Wormhole Aliens” in “Deep Space Nine.”  Trekkers will know what I’m talking about.

For a while now I’ve been thinking about sharing this information in some sort of public forum.  I have no idea if anyone will read it, and really it doesn’t matter.  I’ll just do this for now, and if I feel it’s good to continue I will, and if not I won’t.

The messages I receive may seem familiar to those who follow the work of Abraham, or A Course in Miracles.  I have only passing personal familiarity with those works, but what little I know shows me that I haven’t hit on anything new here.  For me, there’s something reassuring about knowing all of this information is out there, and that these guides will just gently, lovingly repeat their messages over and over to anyone who will hear.

I think of channeling as going to the well for water.  No matter how parched and dry I may be, I always find water in this well.

Here’s a message, on the Solstice:

Listen.  You are all magnificent beings, and almost all of you are asleep.  It is time at last to wake up.  Wait no longer.  Your entire purpose here is to experience unconditional love for yourselves, and for everything you perceive in this reality.

Wake up, majestic ones.  Wake up from your sleep.  The nightmares you experience each day, every day, are not real.  Each morning you awake, but you do not wake.  For you arise from bed with fear, walk this world in fear, eat and drink with fear, read fearful stories, watch fearful people on the television tell you frightening things, and go to bed to dream dark and fearful dreams — if sleep comes to you at all.

Wake up.  Wake up now.  It is so simple.  Wake up and love your children.  Love them as you did in those moments when you looked at their innocence and beauty and your heart burst with love.  Love your dog, love your cat, love the animals around you, for they love you unconditionally.  Love the taste of your morning coffee, love the smell of the fresh bread, love the plants in the garden, love your friends and loved ones.  Forget your quarrels and disputes, forget the bitterness that lies between you and love.  Love as you did when you were young.  Love as you did when you first saw your favorite movie, the one from childhood, that you watched over and over again.  And even if you hold this feeling for only a few seconds, know that now you are awake.  The rest of the time, you are sleeping.  Only now, as you feel this warmth inside you, this love, this feeling — now you are awake.

Even if you can do this only once a day for a few moments — you will begin to wake up from your dark sleep.  Wake up.  Wake up.  Remember who you are, and where you come from.  Deep down you know, and have always known.  Now is the time.  You have wandered lost in the desert for too long.  Here, at last, is the oasis.  All you must do to reach it is remember how you loved something or someone, loved an experience, loved it with a full and happy heart.  Wake up!