Today we ask that you trust the timing of events.

Trust the timing of events.

Events can only occur when the conditions are right.

If something is meant to happen at a particular time, all heaven and earth cannot delay it.

If something is not meant to happen at a particular time, all heaven and earth cannot force it to happen.

This truth is very frustrating for humans. Humans like to believe they are in control of things, and can make things happen through sheer will alone.

Will is important. Determination is important.

But still, no one can force things to happen, if the timing is not conducive.

Generally speaking, plants are not going to flower in the dead of a frigid winter.

New life can only be conceived in a time of fertility.

New ideas can only be born when conditions in the mind are fertile.

So really this is what it means to trust the timing of events.

Seeds blossom when the conditions are ripe.

If you plant seeds when the conditions are not ripe, they cannot grow. It doesn’t mean the seeds are defective in any way. It’s just an issue of timing.

A human life has its seasons. Some seasons are fallow and still. Others are fertile and active. These things cannot really be controlled.

Therefore a wise person develops patience and steadiness. The fallow periods are just as valuable as the fertile periods.

In truth, there can be no fertile ground that is not in some way preceded by a fallow period.

In times when nothing is happening and progress appears to be delayed, in reality a great many things are happening.

During the winter, seeds lay in the ground, awaiting spring. The earth restores itself, and grows in fertility.

Constant activity leads to exhaustion, and burnout.

That is why it is good to trust the timing of events.

If something you desire does not happen now, if plans are botched, that is not a cause for giving up, cursing reality, and becoming despondent.

It just means: regroup, put your energy elsewhere, and perhaps return to it later, when the timing is more conducive.

At this moment, you simply may not be truly ready for the thing you desire.

You may need to grow more, to learn more.

Later, after this growth has occurred, you may be ready.

Often little children clamor for things they are not ready for.

They want to ride the bigger bicycle, or watch the grown-up movie. When a loving parent denies them their desire, they are outraged and frustrated.

Still, the loving parent knows the child is not ready for these things just yet.

Reality is often like this.

Sometimes, the child needs to demonstrate to the parent — through effort, and a willingness to learn, and grow — that he is ready to take on a more grown-up challenge.

And then the doors will open.

So it is with reality.

Therefore trusting the timing does not mean that one should be passive or inactive. It does not mean, be fatalistic about things.

It means: work toward things wholeheartedly, yet accept that often events may not unfold as you plan. If there are setbacks and delays, learn from them.

Trust that your desires are not being thwarted by a cruel and capricious universe, but rather by a loving and benevolent one.

It is not easy to do this.

But learning to trust the ebb and flow of life, and to go with it, rather than dwell in a state of resistance —

This creates a peaceful mind.

And when the mind is peaceful, the timing is always right for whatever is happening in the moment.