Today we ask you to embrace yourself as you are.

Embrace yourself as you are.

Let go of trying to be someone else.

Embrace yourself as you are.

Embrace your body as it is.

Embrace your size, your shape. Embrace the age of your body. Embrace whatever discomfort you may feel in your body today.

Just accept it as it is today.

Of course it is good to cultivate health, to work on creating health in your body.

But health is not possible if you do not accept your body. If you do not embrace your body, you will never be healthy — no matter how much you may exercise, or how pure your diet may be.

So please embrace your body as it is in this moment.

This one action is more powerful than all the work on exercise or diet.

Just accept it as it is today.

And thank your body for all that is good within it.

If your body did not function at a high degree of perfection, you would not be reading these words.

Think of all the things that your body must do in any given moment in order to sustain your life.

Embrace all that is good about your body today.

Embrace all that is good about yourself today.

Whatever you consider your “self” to be — embrace that.

Just accept your “self.”

Whatever your identity is at the present moment, whatever your mind thinks it is, whatever your mind is up to — embrace that.

And it is of course fine to work on your “self,” to cultivate a healthier “self.”

But true self-realization is not possible if you cannot embrace yourself as you are today.

No matter how much you work on becoming a “better person,” however you may define that — you cannot ever attain that without embracing yourself right now, today, in this moment.

Just accept yourself, whoever you believe you are, today.

Appreciate yourself. Look at how far you’ve come, and all that your mind does in any given day. Even if you believe that you are not accomplishing anything, still just look at all that the “self” is doing. This mind of yours, this identity. It is always learning and absorbing. It is always engaged in highly complex actions, even when it does not appear to be doing much.

Brushing your teeth, doing the dishes — these are highly complex actions. A baby cannot do these things. A cat cannot do these things. You may even be able to drive a car while your mind is thinking about other things. Consider how complex that is!

Embrace this. Embrace this wonderfully complex “self,” this mind, at work.

Embrace your life as it is today.

Embrace your reality as it is today.

Even if there are many things you dislike about your reality. Can you just embrace your life?

You will never make your world a better place if you reject life as it is today. It is not possible.

Only people who love and embrace life have any hope of creating a more harmonious world.

There have always been plenty of life-hating people who try to fix and save the world. Terrorists are such people. Hitler was such a person.

You cannot help the world if you don’t love life, as it is, today.

So embrace life as it is.

Embrace the trees, the sky, all that sustains and nourishes you.

Embrace the animals, embrace the children.

Embrace your fellow humans, even if this is challenging. They are all doing their best. Truly this is so. There is a lot of fear and ignorance. Judging others will do no good, and will not help anything or anyone.

Everyone does their best with the limited awareness they possess in any given moment. You do, too.

Accept this. Embrace it.

With this embrace comes a deep peace.

Your body will feel it. Your “self” will feel it. The world around you will feel it.

It’s good to receive a hug, isn’t it? It’s good to feel accepted and loved as you are.

Everyone feels better with a hug.