People Whisperer

Today we ask that you release the need to make a drama out of what other people do and don’t do.

If you could do this, you would let go of a source of great suffering.

Humans spend a lot of time feeling upset about what other people are doing, and not doing.

Other people are constantly failing your expectations, which makes you feel personally threatened, angry, or disappointed.  Why are other people like this?  Why can’t they just be better than they are?

Even spiritually open people are subject to this.  They get upset by other people’s negativity, by other people’s lack of spiritual evolution.  Why can’t those people understand how destructive their behavior is?

Here is some advice that will transform your life:

Do not be concerned with what other people do or don’t do.

Work on yourself.  Work on raising your own vibration, on creating internal calm and well-being.  Other people are not your concern.

You may protest: my boss does this, my spouse does that, my child does this!  Their behavior directly affects me!  Of course it is my concern!  

And yet is it not.

If someone is causing you harm or attacking you, then it is up to you to remove yourself from that situation.  Only you can do this.  

However, in many situations, when people believe that others are harming and attacking them, in truth this is not the case.  It is your own mind that is attacking you, and you are projecting that out on to other people, who may not be thinking the thoughts you assume they are thinking.

In general, people are very preoccupied with their own dramas.  People are self-absorbed.  Far from this being a problem, this is actually a good thing.  It means that people aren’t thinking about you and judging you nearly as much as you imagine.  

That is why it is great wisdom to unhook your sense of well-being from what other people appear to be doing, or not doing.

Work on yourself.  Create internal well-being and harmony.

If you are calm and peaceful, then invariably you will have a calming effect on others.

This doesn’t mean you can control their actions.  But the calmer you are, the calmer other people around you will be.

That is why the wisest action is always to just work on shifting your own energy.  You cannot control or change other people.  But if you work on yourself, you will awaken compassion, and project less judgment out on to the world.

The calmer and more compassionate you are, the more you will be a relaxing presence for others.  In this way, you can become a “People Whisperer,” the way some people who have a calming presence on animals are called “Dog Whisperers” or “Horse Whisperers.”

At the end of the day, humans are not so different from dogs and horses.  They are soothed by someone who is calm and compassionate.

A “People Whisperer” has let go of any desire to control other people’s behavior.

That is the paradox: the moment you let go of trying to control other people and force them to do what you want, the more amenable they become.

So stop focusing outward on others.  Focus inward.  Focus on calming and expanding your own energy.  Do not be concerned about other people.  Even your boss, your spouse, your child.  This may seem impossible, but it is completely possible — and it is a direct path to peace and joy in life.