keep it simple

Today we ask that you keep it simple.

Keep it simple.

It doesn’t matter what “it” is.  Whatever it is, keep it simple.

Humans have a habit of creating drama.  They take something simple, and make it into a big drama.

And that is okay.  But often with all that drama comes a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Keep it simple.

For example: someone is interested in another person romantically.

The simple thing to do is just to ask the person out, make the feelings clear, and see what happens.

But instead people make a big drama out of it, and agonize and suffer.

With everything you do, everything you think, there is a simple way, and a dramatic way.

Love is very simple.  When it is a big drama, it is not really love.  Other factors are at play.

If Romeo just loved Juliet, and she loved him, it would be simple.  But Shakespeare was a master dramatist, and so his characters had to make a drama out of it.

Life itself is very simple.  You are born, you grow, you learn, you play, you create.  You eat and sleep.  Sometimes you meet with adversity.  Sooner or later, you die.

Every task before you can be done simply, or you can make a big drama out of it.  People can make a big drama out of washing the dishes or vacuuming the rug, if they’re so inclined.

Sometimes you meet with adversity.  Sometimes a big wave comes, and knocks down your sand castle.

The simple thing to do is just build another sand castle.  Maybe this one will be even better.

Or maybe you realize you don’t like building sand castles that much, and would rather do something else.  That’s simple, too.

Just don’t make a drama out of it.  It’s okay to cry with grief and disappointment when your sand castle is knocked down.  But don’t plan a lawsuit against the ocean.

Keep it simple.  Don’t make a big drama out of it.