creating good flow

Today we ask that you cultivate healthy flow.

Healthy flow means a healthy use of energy, with minimal blockage or waste.

Energy waste is, of course, the great crisis of the modern age.

It is entirely possible for every human soul on this planet to live lives of health and purpose, without compromising the earthly environment.

It is only that humans waste a lot of energy.

This happens everywhere, at every scale.  It is not just about oil consumption or consumerism.  Energy waste is rooted in unhealthy and false beliefs.

In many places, it is culturally expected that a good worker is always working himself to the point of exhaustion and sickness.  This is not restricted to third world factories and sweatshops.  Well-paid professionals in developed countries are routinely expected to work extremely long hours, to the point of chronic exhaustion.

This is completely insane.

Anyone who spends eighty hours a week or more in an office is simply not a productive human being, no matter what his billable hours may claim.  Most of that human’s time and energy is being wasted.

In truth, if the average overworked human put in half the time (or less) than is societally expected of him, there is a good chance he could become far more efficient and do at least twice as much.

Is this clear?  Overworking humans is a gross waste of energy.  A well-rested, healthy human is always far more productive than an exhausted, sick one.  This is simple common sense.  

This is what is meant by healthy flow.

Healthy flow means a wise, efficient use of energy, without waste.

Unhealthy flow is a mismanagement of energy that involves a lot of waste.

Healthy flow means taking the shortest route between two points.  A leads to B.

Unhealthy flow means meandering around in a circuitous fashion.  A leads to X leads to R leads to 2 leads to B.  

For example, someone who is continually distracted by texts, email, and the internet is caught in unhealthy flow.

A distracted person can require ten hours struggling to do what a focused person can easily take care of in one.  Really, this is a low estimate.  

Distraction breeds unhealthy flow.

Social drama breeds unhealthy flow.  Gossiping about people, resenting and complaining about your coworkers and bosses — all of this is energy down the drain.  

So for those of you who obsess over issues like global warming — focus on your energy usage closer to home.  This not just about gas and electricity.  This is about making wise choices in terms of using your time and physical energy in healthy ways.

Learn to focus on tasks.

In general, it is much easier to focus on tasks when you know why are doing what you do — not just mindlessly doing something because you “have to” or are “supposed to.”

If you are very clear with yourself in your intention, this will focus the flow of energy.

Here is a wise practice:

Before setting out to do something, create a vision for yourself of how you would like the process to unfold. Focus not so much on what other people are doing or trying to control reality.  Focus instead on how you feel.  Be very clear with yourself as to why you are doing what you do, and envision feeling good about it.  

And if there is absolutely no way for you to envision feeling good about doing something, then probably you should not do it at all.  

This simple practice can save you truly vast amounts of time and energy.  And it costs nothing.

Learn to be a good steward of your personal energy.  Make sure you give yourself plenty of healthy downtime.  You can only be truly productive from a place of health.

Before humans can learn to be good stewards of their world, they must first learn to be good stewards of themselves.  Do not waste energy.  Cultivate healthy flow.