you have permission to feel your feelings

Today we ask that you give yourself permission to feel what you feel.

Give yourself permission to feel what you feel.

This is difficult for most people.  People are conditioned to suppress and deny their emotional responses.  They do not believe it is okay to feel what they feel.  

The problem with this is that whatever you suppress, intensifies.  It is a law of nature.

Imagine a natural phenomenon like a geyser.  Geothermally heated water bubbles up beneath the earth.  Every so often, the water needs to vent out of the ground, in a geyser.  This relieves the pressure.  If the geyser opening is blocked, pressure builds, and this may lead to a violent explosion.

It is the same with emotion.  Suppressing feelings leads to violent eruptions.

When you give yourself permission to feel your feelings, this “lets off steam,” and allows the emotion to vent.  Pressure is relieved, and one experiences a feeling of release.

Try it.  Instead of telling yourself “I shouldn’t feel this way” or “I’m stupid for feeling this way,” instead say: “I give myself permission to feel this way.”  Observe what happens in your body when you do this.

The real magic happens with other people.  Often people experience other people’s emotional responses as threatening.  When one feels threatened, the instinctive urge is to suppress the threat.  You defend yourself by invalidating the feelings of others.

But see what happens when you give other people permission to feel what they are feeling.  Try it.  Say: “You have permission to feel what you’re feeling.”

Many people will say “Thank you” when you tell them this.  It is a great relief, when someone gives you permission to feel your feelings.

Much physical illness occurs because people suppress their emotions.

Permission to feel your feelings does not mean that you have permission to attack or abuse other people.  It does not mean you have permission to engage in destructive behavior.

That said, frequently destructive behavior is the “explosion” that occurs when emotions are not being properly vented and released.  Destructive behavior is usually a symptom of the disease of self-suppression.

Let your emotional geysers vent, in a healthy way.  Just tell yourself: “I give you permission to feel this feeling.”  Notice what happens in your body when you do this.