strong boundaries, healthy spaces

Today we ask that you look at your boundaries.

In the material world, all beings exist within their own discrete space.

You live in a body.  You live in a home.  This is your “space.”

All boundaries are permeable.  Things come in, and things go out.

One of the attributes of a healthy being is that he has strong boundaries.  A strong boundary means that what penetrates the boundary does so by consent.  Energies that do not belong within the boundary are swiftly ejected.

A healthy physical body has a strong immune system.  The purpose of the immune system is to neutralize and eject anything that does not belong within the body’s boundary — such as harmful pathogens.

It is said that a vampire cannot enter a house unless it is given consent to do so.

And yet people have a way of letting vampires into their houses.

That is because they do not have strong boundaries.

True health is all about cultivating a healthy personal space.  Things do not enter without your consent.

So today, look at your “space.”

Your body space.  Your home space.  Your work space.  Your relationship space.

Is there anything in those spaces without your consent?

Are there ways in which you feel invaded or violated by energy that is not harmonious for you?

It is not necessary to be at war with negative energies in order to defend your space.  Some people have a hyperactive immune system, and attack anything they perceive as a threat, even when there is no real threat.  This is draining and destructive.

Really, maintaining healthy boundaries is all about creating a healthy, safe, nurturing environment within your personal space.

Do not focus on what is outside your boundaries.

Focus on what is inside.

What can you do to raise the energy within your spaces?

When you increase the health of what is inside your boundaries, it makes it far more difficult for parasitic energies to invade your space.

In other words, you will not free yourself of getting sick by going to war against the common cold.

You reduce sickness by engaging in healthy practices that raise the energetic vibration within your body.  

You can do the same with your home, your office, and the energetic field that surrounds you.

That said, it is also essential that you learn to say “no” when “no” is appropriate.

When you cannot say “no,” you cannot maintain strong boundaries.  If you know that something is unhealthy or “vampiric,” do not let it into your personal space.  This goes for food, things that you absorb over the internet or TV, and the people in your life.  Certain people can and should be kept at a distance.

The essence of good parenting is creating a safe space for a child to grow and play in.  This requires strong boundaries.

Even if you were not well-parented, it is not too late for you to learn how to create a safe space for yourself.

Be a good parent to yourself.  Look to your spaces, and your boundaries.  Clean and nourish your body, energy field, and home.  And do not let vampires in.