honor your creation

Today we ask that you love and honor what you create.

Love and honor your creation.

It may be a simple thing, like a meal you’ve prepared.  Maybe you hung a picture on the wall.  Maybe you put a plant in a pot.  Maybe you cleaned your office.

All of this is creation.  You are creating something.  You are taking action, and creating something.

Honor what you create.

Humans are not taught to honor creation.  They are taught to judge it.  And they can be extremely destructive in their judgments.

For every artist, there are at least a dozen critics to judge the art.  It is the critic who decides whether the art is worth something, or worthless.

Never mind that this is all arbitrary and subjective.  When Vincent Van Gogh was alive, the judges of art considered his work worthless.  Now it is worth a fortune.

Van Gogh’s art was always beautiful.  It is not the power of the critic to make something beautiful, or not.  And yet people believe critics.  They may even believe a critic’s judgment over their own appreciation.

A terrible thing happens to many humans.  

In childhood, it is natural to constantly create, and to love what you create — even if you are not particularly attached to it.

But then the process of judgment begins.

If an adult tells a child singing a song that his voice is ugly, the child may believe it, and never sing again.  From that point on, the child may believe that he has an ugly voice, and should not sing.

That is why you must learn to love and honor your creations.  You must love and honor what you create.  It does not matter what anyone else has to say about it.  It does not matter what the loud critic in your mind has to say about it.

You must love and honor your creation.

It is wise, also, to love and honor what other people create.

It is okay if it is not “your thing.”  You do not have to like it.  Just because you do not like something, does not mean it is worthless.  Other people might very well love this thing that you do not like.  Who are you to tell others what they should like, or not like?  

There are enough critics in the world.  Leave that job to other people.  Choose to do something else.

When you learn to love and honor other people’s creations, even if you do not personally like them, it will become easier for you to love and honor your own.

Judgment strangles creativity.  Parents, please look to the ways you judge and criticize your children.  You may truly believe that you are helping them, but the energy of criticism can be very harmful.

The parent who tells his child that some part of his body is ugly, or that something he creates is ugly, can be setting up a belief that the child may carry around for life, if it is not questioned and dismantled.

Love and honor your creation.  Love and honor your children’s creations.  Love and honor all creation — even if it is not “your thing.”

You do not have to create a magnum opus.  Your creation may be small and simple.  Whatever it is, no matter how small, honor your creation this day.