open your eyes

Today we ask that you believe that good things really are possible.

Most spiritually open people consider themselves open-minded, and expansive.

And yet deep down, many do not really believe in the fundamental goodness of reality.

That is because the collective human consciousness stands opposed to this story.

Earthly reality is not good, according to the collective.

It is a vale of sorrow and suffering.  Perhaps if you remain morally pure, you will go to Heaven when you die.  If not, you suffer in Hell for eternity.

It is the wheel of endless death and rebirth.  All beings suffer, until they are liberated from this cycle and are no longer reborn.

It is all meaningless.  But still each man must push his personal boulder up a mountain every day, like Sisyphus in the Greek myth, until he dies and returns to dust and nothingness.

All these points of view — Western religion, Eastern religion, existential atheism — none of these paint a pleasant portrait of earthly life.  

Listen to most people talk, and you will hear a litany of woe and frustration.

Why would any child want to grow up, when the life of the average “grown-up” is one of constant suffering and complaint?

Why would anyone want to work at a job, or get married, or have a family?  When you listen to what most people think of their jobs and marriages and parenthood, it’s shocking that people opt to do any of these things.  (Of course, most people do not believe that these choices are optional.)

And yet good things are possible.  They are possible.

It is entirely possible to be madly in love with life in this earthly realm.

It is possible to be madly in love with the world.

It is possible to be madly in love with your life.

What is required is a shift in consciousness.  You are asked to fall in love with your life right now, in this moment.

And that is not easy, because it opposes the heavy gravitational pull of collective human consciousness, and its belief that earthly life is no good.

Oh, but it is good!  It is good.

So many of you are like people walking around wearing blindfolds, and insisting that you are blind.  You bump into things and feel pain, and complain about your awful lot in life.

All that is required is that you remove your blindfold.

For we who observe you from the spiritual plane, it can be difficult.  It is really like watching someone wearing a blindfold, complaining that they cannot see anything.

Open your eyes.  Open your eyes, to the beauty that surrounds you even at this very moment.

Open your eyes to the love and kindness that is in your life at this very moment.

Stop forever chasing that which is always out of reach, over the horizon.  That thing that will make you happy if only you could grasp it.  If you want to know what the “blindfold” is, it is this.  

Good things are possible in this reality.  All that is needed is that you believe in this.  Believe in magic, with all the open-hearted simplicity of the child you once were, the child that lives within you still.