you have a choice

Today we ask that you know you always have a choice.

Most people believe that they have no choice.

It is a story they tell themselves.

“I have no choice.  I was born to these parents and had all these bad things happen to me in my childhood.”

“I have no choice.  The economy is bad.”

“I have no choice.  I have children to support.”

“I have no choice.  I need to get drunk to let off steam.”

“I have no choice.  I was born into this religion.  Even though I don’t believe in it, my family would feel betrayed if I abandoned it.”

“I have no choice.  My boss will fire me if I don’t behave aggressively.”

“I have no choice.  The government says I must go to war.”

“I have no choice.  I am a slave.”

So people tell themselves.

“I have no choice.  I must do these things that are out of my integrity, that make me feel bad, that cause harm to my body, that cause harm to other people.  I have no choice.”

Of course, this is not true.

You have a choice.  You always have a choice.

In fact, choice is what defines this reality.

You live in a dualistic reality.  Everything is separated into two poles:

Up/down.  Left/right.  Black/white.  Male/female.  Good/bad.  Pleasure/pain.  Light/dark.  Past/future.  And so on.

Even on the subatomic level, your reality is dualistic.

Not all realities are dualistic.  Most universes are not.  You would find non-dualistic universes strange.  But the inhabitants of other universes would consider your dualistic universe quite strange.

Since you live in a dualistic reality, you are constantly asked to make a choice.  

Though the choice may present itself in countless forms, really there is only one choice.

There are many ways to describe or define the choice, but if you look you will see that it is the same thing:

Love, or Not Love (Hate/Indifference).

Union, or Separation.

Heaven, or Hell.

Life, or Death.

Light, or Dark.

Evolution, or Devolution.

Creation, or Destruction.

Acceptance, or Rejection.

Forgiveness, or Condemnation.

Do you follow the pattern?

There is no value judgment around the poles.  The “Dark Side” has its place in your reality.  Death and destruction have their necessary place.  It is all part of the great balance.

But the choice has enormous ramifications for your individual life.

At every single moment, consciously or unconsciously, you are making a choice.

You are choosing love, or you are choosing to reject love.  You are choosing Heaven, or Hell — not in the hereafter, but right now you are living in Heaven or Hell.  You are choosing to create, or you are choosing to destroy.

It is the Voice of Darkness that tells you that you do not have a choice.

That is what Darth Vader, and Voldemort, and Sauron, and all the Dark Side archetypes always say: “You do not have a choice.”

The Voice of Light will always make it clear that you do you have a choice.  It cannot force or compel your choice.  You must make it.

You have a choice.

If anyone tells you that you do not have a choice, know this to be the Voice of Darkness.

It is okay to go down the Dark Path.  Truly, this is so.  No one goes to Hell forever.  It is only in this place that people experience Hell.  And redemption is possible at every moment.  It is never “too late.”

Hell is just separation from the Divine.  Or rather, it is the illusion of separation, since true separation is not possible.

Hell is an illusion.  But it feels bad, nonetheless.

If you desire to feel good in your life, it would be wise for you to choose the Light Path.

The Light Path may involve short term discomfort, but will give you long term peace.

The Dark Path may involve short term comfort, but will give you long term misery.

Every story, every myth, every tale ever told tells some version of this.  That is because it is true, in this reality.  It is as true for you as it is for fictional characters.  

If you wish to be happy and at peace, do not listen to the Voice that says “You have no choice.”

You always have a choice.  Remember this.

Choose wisely.