why you're not batmanToday we ask that you conserve your energy, and not waste it.

The primary way in which humans drain energy is by attacking themselves and others in thoughts, words, and actions.

It is quite staggering, if you consider the matter.

Consider how much energy you absorb each day that is some form of attack on someone else.

That includes all forms of gossip, whether heard in a conversation, or on the news or internet.  If you are hearing about something second-hand or third-hand about what some other person did that merits your judgment and condemnation, you are participating in an attack.

Celebrity gossip, as innocuous as it may seem, is largely an attack.

Even well-meaning people who are compelled to publicize the actions of “evil” individuals or corporations are participating in an attack.

Participating in attacks, even passively, drains your energy.

We cannot overstate this.  Participating in an attack against another life form, no matter how justified that attack may appear to be, is draining your vital energy.

The objection that usually arises around this is as follows:

If you do not publicly shame, condemn and attack individuals and corporations that are involved with what you believe to be wrong-doing, how will justice be served?  How will society be protected?

Here is the answer:

It is not your function to protect society.

It is your function to create.  You are here to create.

Not destroy.

You are not here to destroy.  You are here to create.

When you passively or actively participate in an attack against others, you are engaging in a destructive act.

That destructive energy always boomerangs back against the self.


If you want to create anything, you must stop destroying.

You must stop participating in destructive, attacking energy in your thoughts, words, and actions.

Justice is not your concern.

As hard as it may be to accept this, justice is not your concern. 

That is because you are not capable of understanding the bigger picture of your reality.

Rest assured, there is no injustice.  If you could perceive beyond your limited perspective, you would see that there is absolutely no injustice in reality, no matter how things may appear to you.

That is why it is not your place to mete out justice, judgment, and condemnation.

It is your place to create.  You are meant to create joy, light, love, harmony, and beauty.

The more energy you devote to destruction, the less you have available for creation.

It is a very simple equation.

The more energy you devote to destruction, the less you have available for creation.

So consider carefully how much energy you spend each day in attack, of the self or others.  The two are closely connected, of course.

If you attack others, you will attack yourself.  Not only that, but you will attack yourself more than you attack others.

However much time and energy you spend in the attack of others — and that includes passively absorbing attack energy via  the news or social media — please know that you will inevitably attack yourself even more.  The two are directly correlated.

The less you attack others, the less you will attack yourself.

If you stop attacking others altogether, you will no longer experience self-attack.  This is absolutely true.

And that is when you will really be able to create.  

If you wish to create, you must cease engaging in acts of destruction.

It is not your place to mete out justice, or protect society from evildoers.  You are not a comic book superhero, you are not Robin Hood, you are not a noble vigilante.

And if you look at the archetypal tales told about such figures, you will see that they experience a great deal of suffering, and often cause more harm than they do good.  

Justice is not your concern.  You are not Batman.  Leave justice to a higher power — for your own good.

If you wish to create, you must stop destroying.