don't invite vampires into your house

Today we ask that you not invite vampires into your house.

In the old stories of vampires, it is said that vampires cannot enter a house unless they are invited in.  They are destroyed by sunlight.  They have no reflections in mirrors.  And they are parasites, feeding off the life energy of others.

This is an accurate description of false, destructive beliefs, and the people who are dominated by false, destructive beliefs.

False, destructive beliefs cannot survive in the light of clarity.  Like vampires, if you expose them to the light, they fall to pieces.

“Homosexuals are freaks and abhorrent to God.”

“A woman’s place is in the home, rearing children.”

“Black people are inferior to white people.”

Beliefs like this cannot survive in the sunlight of clear awareness.

They have no reflection in a mirror, because they have no substance.  They are based on nothing, and are not real.

Such beliefs are parasitic.  Once they lodge in your consciousness, they feed off your life energy.  You may compulsively spread such beliefs to others.  They are viral, in the worst sense.

Sometimes viral thoughts, like vampires, destroy their victims.  How many people who have believed themselves to be “freaks,” “inferior”, or “abhorrent to God” have committed suicide?

Do not let these beliefs in.

Do not invite them into the house of your consciousness.  Do not invite them in.

Stay conscious of what you take into your mind, when you read things on the internet, watch TV, or talk to people.  Question whether or not what you are taking in is true.  Be skeptical.  Also notice if what you are taking in arouses feelings of anger, paranoia, or harsh judgment.  

Do not invite these beliefs into your house.  They are vampires.  They will erode your life energy, and turn you into a husk of your true self.

Some people are totally dominated by false belief systems.  Such people are often very destructive.  Being around them will always make you feel drained, and exhausted.

Avoid such people, if you can.  Do not invite them into your home.  If you must deal with them, make sure to “wear garlic.”  Stay alert, clear and healthy in your perception.  Do not get hypnotized by all the negative, fearful, judgmental stories that they tell.  

In general, it is good not to invite vampires in.

Vampires are draining.  They possess no life of their own, and feed off the life essence of others.

They may seem very menacing and threatening, but check the mirror.   There’s nothing there.  It is your fear that gives them power and makes them seem solid.  Without fear, they are hollow, and empty.

False, destructive beliefs have no validity.  They are not real.  The moment you shine light upon them, they crumble.