don't be afraid of an ass

Today we ask that you transcend your fears of bullies and critics.

This world is full of bullies, and critics.

Bullies throw their weight around, and intimidate.  They get in your face, with the intention of making you feel powerless.

Critics attack by criticizing.  They may not always seem as outwardly aggressive as bullies.  They may seem more passive, and say things like: “I’m only telling you this because it’s for your own good.”  Don’t believe them.  Critics are insidious.  They tear everything down.  Nothing is ever good enough for them, and yet they don’t actually create anything new or really do anything.  Even so, nothing you do you will never be good enough for a critic.  If you listened to them, you wouldn’t do anything at all.

Stop giving bullies and critics so much power.

It is good sometimes to see people who threaten you as if they were cartoon animals.  This will make them less threatening in your mind.

Bullies are like braying asses.  Donkeys bare their teeth, and make loud noises that set your nerves on edge.  They kick, and stomp their hooves.

But they are just donkeys.  It isn’t personal — they’re like that with everyone.

Critics are like clucking hens, in a hen house.  They’re always getting their feathers ruffled, and clucking to the other hens. “You wouldn’t believe what I heard about so-and-so!”  “Who does she think she is?”  Cluck-cluck-cluck.  Judge-judge-judge.  This person did it wrong, that person did it wrong.  

But they’re just clucking hens.  They may make a lot of noise, but what power do they really have?  And they say those things about everyone.

When you think about people who trigger your fears, imagine them as cartoon animals.  Maybe they are cats, or dogs, or birds, or horses, or monkeys.

This is not meant to dehumanize them.  It is meant to help you conquer your fear.

The part of humans that bullies, criticizes and attacks is not fully human.  It is the lower self, the animal self that engages in these behaviors.  Therefore it is accurate to represent the bullying or critical parts of people as animal in nature.  

Everyone has a higher self, an immortal soul.  That part is not animal; it is spirit.  But that part never bullies, attacks, or criticizes.  

Try it.  Try picturing the bullies and critics in your life as cartoon animals.  It is a fun game to play, and it will shrink down your fears.

You wouldn’t give your power away to a donkey or a hen, would you?

You can even depict the critical or bullying voices in your own mind as cartoon animals.  Then those voices will have less power over you.  Try it!