connect with your power

Today we ask that you believe in your own power.

Power is a very misunderstood concept in your reality.

When humans think of power, it is in a very monkey-like way.  Power relates to social hierarchy.  It is the “top dog” who has power.  The “alpha.”  The “king.”

So the rich are more powerful than the poor.  Men are more powerful than women.  Certain countries are more powerful than other countries.  Certain races are more powerful than other races.  

Everything is about your “rank” in the hierarchy.  Everyone wants to “Be Number One.”  Win the gold, win the prize.  Go to the high-ranking university, get the high-ranking position at the high-ranking company.  Maybe even be rich and famous.  That is what “power” is.

Power means you can “get away with things.”  If you are rich and powerful, you can push people around, and get your way.  People have to say “yes” to you, and do what you want — like slaves.

You don’t have to be rich and famous to be on a power trip.  In every little office all over the world, there is some executive or middle manager on a power trip, throwing his weight around with the subordinates.  

Many families are held in the sway of petty tyrants.  Many parents abuse their power over their children.  Siblings abuse siblings.  Children can abuse and control their parents.  

This world is full of countless little petty kings and queens, reigning over their little kingdoms.  The little bureaucrat is no different from the big CEO.  Everyone plays his little power games, asserting his rank in the hierarchy through aggression and control, and making sure you know your place if you happen to be on a lower rung of the totem pole.  

It is no different from monkeys.  Monkeys have their little tribes and little kings and queens and power struggles.  Monkeys have a hierarchy.  

So what most humans believe to be “power” is no more sophisticated than a monkey’s understanding of power.  It is defined by who is biggest, who is strongest, who can mate with the most desirable females, and who can ensure his offspring will rule when he is gone.  

But you do not have to believe what monkeys believe.

Nothing against monkeys.  But some of you are more intelligent.

Power is universal.  It thrums in every molecule, every particle, every atom of your being.  Within a grain of sand lies vast power.  This is the meaning of Einstein’s famous equation, e=mc squared.  It means a grain of sand contains enough power to cause a massive explosion, if that power were suddenly released.

So: everyone and everything is powerful.  It is your nature, your essence.  You are a powerful being.

But you are all hypnotized by those monkey notions about rank and hierarchy.  You believe that an Emperor is still an Emperor, even if he is not wearing any clothes.  You believe celebrities and CEOs are special, somehow.  More special than you, anyway.

By believing in all these “powerful people,” you are giving your power away.  Whenever you believe someone has power over you, that you are at someone’s mercy, it is like you are sitting there draining your battery.  You are handing over your innate power to someone else.  

What you do not perceive is that all these little petty tyrants, all these little bullies who like to be the big monkey and throw their weight around — really, these people are full of hot air and nothingness.  They are all naked emperors, and are usually the most insecure, frightened people on the planet.

If you have any peace and joy in your existence, you would not wish to trade places with some petty, bossy little tyrant for all the tea in China.  

Generally speaking, in modern life no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to do anything.  When you hand your power over to someone else, it is your choice to do so.

When you are in alignment with the universe, you are in alignment with the power that fuels the cosmos.  If you serve that power — the power of love and creation, the power of your Higher Self — you will be supported.

But when you start believing in little monkey tyrants and naked emperors, you disconnect from that vast and infinite flow of power.

Stop believing, right now, in rank and hierarchy.  

Stop believing that celebrities and rich people are special.

Stop living in fear of your controlling boss, or manipulative family member.  Stop handing over your power to these people.

Reclaim the power that is your birthright.

Use it to serve the loving, expansive flow of the universe.  This is not about making you into a little emperor.  If you forget that, you are lost.

Power is creative, it is beautiful, it is nurturing, it is flowing.  It is never oppressive, or squelching.

People in positions of power misuse that power at their own peril.  To use power to control and abuse others is to breed terrible sickness in your body and soul.

Connect with the power within you.  It doesn’t matter who you are.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a janitor, or a clerk.  Every “Clark Kent” is really a “Superman” — so long as he uses his power to lovingly, humbly serve the divine flow of the universe.