what to do with drippy people

Today we ask that you not take drippy people personally.

You may know drippy people.  They are gray, colorless, joyless.  Life is a miserable chore.  Life is all about taxes, and insurance.  Life is all about being responsible and virtuous and very, very boring.  

Drippy people like to act very superior.  They may be boring, but they are better than you.  They may not be well-liked, but they are better than you.

They are dreary people, who see the world as a dreary place, and spread their dreary energy about.

They don’t like silliness, and laughter.  They make for awful parents and teachers and clergymen, though often they’re drawn to such authority positions.  They’re bureaucrats, middle managers, bean counters.  They’re kill-joys.  They’re humorless, and they take themselves very seriously.

Oh, the drippy people.

The drippy people don’t like anything new.  If it’s colorful and vibrant and juicy, the drippy people won’t like it.

Drippy people don’t much care for sex, and intimacy.  They’re bad at it, anyway.

Drippy people are busybodies.  They’re always sticking their noses into other people’s business, and making their judgments, and feeling superior.  

Being around a drippy person makes you feel tight, clenched, and depressed — just like they are.

What to do with drippy people?

Don’t take them seriously.  Don’t believe their gloomy stories.  Don’t believe all their talk about taxes and insurance and the government and the wretched state of the world.

Don’t believe them, but also don’t argue with them.  Drippy people will argue and argue and argue, because they have to be right about everything, all the time.  You’ll get exhausted arguing with them, and you won’t get anywhere or make a point.  So just let them think they’re right — even if they’re terribly ignorant — and go about your business.

If you’ve been around drippy people, make sure to give yourself an energy bath.  Dance, play, sing.  Watch something silly, that makes you laugh.  Be around animals, or small children.  Shake off the drippiness.  Otherwise it can cling to you like a gray film, and make you sick and depressed.  

Just because those people are drippy doesn’t mean you should be, too.  Even if drippy people would like to make everyone just as drippy as they are.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.  There is no “God” that wants anyone to be a pious, dreary, sanctimonious drip.  You are here to laugh, to play, to have fun.  Never forget that, no matter what the drippy people say.