don't engage with darkness

Today we ask you not to hate or attack that which appears to be dark.

Your world is filled with dark energy.  There are forces of oppression, enslavement, and greed.  They are destructive forces.  They exist on a global scale, and they exist within every individual.

It is very easy to fall into patterns of hatred, anger and aggression when one is exposed to dark energy.  For good-hearted people, it seems only right to feel a sense of outraged injustice at all the darkness in the world.

But anger is completely counterproductive.  Hatred and anger only nourishes dark energy.  

That is why it is not useful to feel anger and hatred for dark individuals or groups or corporations.

You all contain the seeds of darkness.  Your self-destructive tendencies, your fears, your anxiety, your depression, your addictions — this is darkness within.

When you get angry at dark energy that appears to be outside of you — at “bad” people, or corporations, or political parties — you are actually giving energy to your internal darkness.  You are watering your own dark seeds.

Dark things are like sticky tar.  The more you engage with hostility toward dark energy, the more you get stuck and trapped.

That is why you must stay very conscious of your hostile, angry feelings.  You do much more good in this world by nurturing the energy of light and love, rather than attacking the dark.

Do not attack the dark.

When confronted by dark energy, cultivate a neutral stance.  You do not have to love aggressive, destructive people.  Just find a way to stay neutral.  Do not engage in argument with a hostile person.  Stay neutral, give aggressive people space.  Whatever you do, do not attack.  You will only feed the dark energy, and water the seeds of darkness within.

Use your energy wisely.  Cultivate the light.  Cultivate inner and outer light.  Do not attack people.  Even in your own mind, do not attack people.  This is a very hard thing to do.  But if you make this effort, you will stop watering the seeds of darkness within.  That means your own self-destructive tendencies will decrease, along with anxiety, depression, addiction, and other forms of sickness.

Very few humans can really do this.  But those who do find great peace, and create so much light in the world.