Today we ask that you understand the impossibility of death.

If you understood this, you would have no further need of learning.  You would be instantly free.

In this reality, there is an illusion of death.  It appears that things can be killed.  Sometimes death appears to be terribly violent, and unjust.

This is a misperception.

Nothing dies.  Not a blade of grass.  Not a sparrow.  Not a cat.  Not a human.  Nothing dies.

Every one of you is an immortal being.  You have had many physical incarnations.  You have not always been human.  You have not always been on this particular planet.

It is okay if you think this is nonsense.  But if you believed it, deep in the core of your being, you would liberated from all fear.

In addition: that which is pure-hearted and innocent cannot be slaughtered or destroyed.  The very attempt to annihilate pure-hearted energy always makes that energy stronger.

This is the true meaning of all resurrection stories, from Christ to Harry Potter.

The very attempt to destroy good energy always backfires.

You can see this in the numerous attempts to suppress human rights around the world.  Though suppressive groups may temporarily succeed, in the long term attempting to suppress the innocent always backfires terribly.

There is no death.  Nothing is annihilated.  No innocent child has ever died.  What you perceive as reality is only a tiny flickering sliver of the vast, deep reality that underlies and surrounds your little world.  Even a glimpse of this deeper reality can be sufficient to liberate people from fear.

There is no death.  Death is always a prelude to resurrection.  That is true for everyone.  There are no exceptions.

Nor is there any divine punishment, or judgment.  No soul can be annihilated after death.  There is an awareness, after death, of the impact one’s life has had.  Sometimes there is a grief around the awareness that one has caused suffering or harm.  That is the only “hell” that exists.  Reality itself is wholly loving, and wholly forgiving.

It is okay if you do not believe this.  Most people do not.  They believe that souls are annihilated, or go to Hell, or receive punishment in subsequent incarnations.  This is all false.  Men have always worshipped gods made in the image of their own limited egos, instead of true divinity.  Occasionally people glimpse the true reality, which is wholly loving, and rooted in the absolute impossibility of death.

If you really understood that all you create with love can never be destroyed or annihilated, then you would understand all that needs to be understood, and require no further instruction.