why it's a good thing to beg

Today we ask that you get comfortable with asking others for help.

Many people have terrible discomfort around this.  They equate asking for help with “begging,” and see begging as a lowly, shameful activity.  They are far too proud to “beg” anyone for anything.

This is very misguided.

In Eastern spirituality, there is a tradition in which monks go into the world, carrying nothing but a begging bowl.  They are literally beggars.  They rely on the offerings of strangers in order to eat, and survive.  There is nothing shameful about this.  In fact, it is considered sacred and holy.  By becoming beggars, the monks put their absolute faith in the universe to sustain them.  Their lives become an expression of pure gratitude.

Many people are very blocked in their ability to receive.  They believe that a good person is self-sufficient, and should never need anything.  Certainly no self-respecting person would ask for help from strangers!  To rely on charity — that is shameful!

This is very misguided.  And it is this kind of thinking that turns people into stingy misers, like “Scrooge.”  They hoard their money, so that they will never need anything from anyone.  And they will not give their wealth away — certainly not to anyone they deem “irresponsible.”

Let this be said: the average penniless beggar is far more spiritually advanced than the stingy miser.  It is a terrible thing, to be a “Scrooge.”  Dickens was quite correct about this.

From a higher perspective, it is known that all stingy misers will have to “do time” as penniless beggars — if not in this lifetime, than the next.  This is the way of things.  Some call it karma.  Really, it is just a process.

Know this: there is nothing shameful about asking for help.  There is nothing shameful about reaching out to the community of man for aid.  Aid may come in many forms: knowledge, time, energy.  Money is not the only way.

And it is good to give.  Obviously not to the point of depletion (see the previous post on “martyrs.”)  However, if you have some energy to spare, a generous spirit will always invite flow from the universe.  Flow begets flow.

Those of you with too much pride to ask for help, when it is needed — this is very sad, and unnecessary.  Do not be stiff-necked, and prideful.  This only blocks energy.

Be like the holy monk, with a begging bowl.  Do not be so precious with yourself that you cannot kneel in the dirt with a begging bowl, from time to time.  If you can truly let go to the experience of humbly asking for help, then you will experience a great loosening and relaxation.  Into that space, good energy will flow.