stop taking yourself so seriously

Today we ask that you not take yourself so seriously.

This may seem like a trivial request, but truly you have no idea how much human suffering has been caused by people taking themselves too seriously.

Wars begin because people take themselves too seriously.

Murders occur because people take themselves too seriously.

Every dictator and tyrant who has ever lived is someone who took himself way too seriously.

Terrorists and religious fanatics take themselves too seriously.

You cannot overestimate the value of comedy in this world.  Blessed are the comedians.  Anyone who can lighten hearts is helping the world immeasurably.

If you make people laugh, you are doing them a great service.

This is not to say there aren’t “serious issues.”

But many “serious issues” are caused by people taking themselves too seriously.

Look to children.  Does a healthy child take things seriously?  A healthy child is playful, and light-hearted.  It is only conditioning from adults that converts the playful, light-hearted child into someone who can’t have fun and takes everything seriously.

“Lighten up” does not mean “be irresponsible.”

There is a big difference between “being responsible” and “taking things too seriously.”

If you can’t tell the difference, it means you are taking things too seriously.

Don’t be a sourpuss.  Don’t be the person who walks in a room and stops everyone else from enjoying life because it is “irresponsible.”

People tend to be far more productive if they can play, be light-hearted, and let off steam.  That is why children have “recess.”  Children cannot learn unless they are allowed to play.  In fact, children learn best through play.

The same goes for adults.

Adults cannot learn, grow, and evolve unless they are allowed to play, and laugh, and be light-hearted.

Your world would be lost without your comedians.

If people stopped taking themselves so seriously, they would experience much greater flow in their lives, and far less drama.  Truly, this is so.