why you don't need to be %22understood%22

Today we ask that you let go of the desire to be “seen” and “understood.”

It is a common wish for sensitive people.  You wish for other people to “see” and “understand” you.  You especially wish for your pain and struggle to be “seen” and “understood.”  Maybe then you would get what you deserve in life.  Maybe then you would be properly appreciated.

This wish is always doomed to disappointment.

You see, everyone else is very busy with their own life drama.  Everyone else is wishing that others would “see” and “understand” them.  All these people are far too busy with their own problems to “understand” you.

And that is okay.

Please let go of this need to be properly “seen” and “understood” and “appreciated” by others.

See yourself.  Understand yourself.  Appreciate yourself.

And perhaps you might spend some time attempting to see, understand, and appreciate other people.  They will be delighted if you do!  Just don’t expect them to return the favor.

It is the wise person who lets go of his expectations and demands of other people.

It is also the gateway to peace, joy, and ease.

It is okay if no one truly “sees” or “understands” you.

If you get truly present with yourself, this egoic need will subside.

It is the wisest of men who enjoys life as it is, and does not mind what other people do or don’t do.