your body is a stradivarius

Today we ask that you stay in tune.

The human body, and its energy field, is very much like a musical instrument.  In some ways it is exactly like a musical instrument.

Those of you who play musical instruments know that it is essential to tune your instrument.  With stringed instruments, like the guitar or violin, you must tune every time you play.  All musical instruments require tuning.

When a musical instrument is out of tune, it produces disharmonious sounds.  It does not matter how beautifully made the instrument is.  A Stradivarius violin, out of tune, sounds awful.

All human bodies are splendid instruments, far surpassing any Stradivarius.  It is easy to perceive this perfection when you look at a newborn infant — all those perfect, exquisite parts.

But most people do not know how to keep their splendid physical instruments in tune.

So almost everyone is in a state of being out of tune.  Physical and mental illnesses are symptoms of the body being out of tune.  But really, the vast majority of all humans once they are out of childhood, are out of tune.  

The causes for this are numerous.  Some of it is related to basic maintenance — eating, exercising, resting.  Some of it is related to abusing your instrument with self-attack and self-judgment.  Some of it has to do with your environment.

Basically, if you were always beating up a Stradivarius, if you never put it away in its case, if you kept it constantly exposed to harsh elements, if you never tuned it — this is a little like the way most people treat themselves.  So, you have this beautiful Stradivarius, but you wouldn’t even know it, so battered about and out of tune it has become.

For those of you who are working to take good care of yourselves, this is like healing and fixing your instrument on a structural level.  This is basic repair.  And this is very good.  Your instrument will definitely start sounding better.

To really get your instrument to sing, you need to learn how to correctly tune it, and you must tune it often.

This is why we always advocate meditation.  Meditation is a classic tuning practice.

Practices like exercising outdoors, doing yoga and tai chi, energy work, massage, acupuncture — all these modalities are classic tuning practices for the human body.  

Every single one of you has an amazing body.  This is absolutely true.  A Stradivarius is always a Stradivarius, no matter what condition it is in.  And every one of you is a Stradivarius.  You are all miraculous beings, in miraculous bodies.

It is entirely possible for every one of you to repair yourselves, polish yourselves up, and get in tune.  Even in an aged body, this is possible.  It is natural that an older body does not sing in the exact same way as a  young body; but an older body can sing in a different way that is no less beautiful, and often even more beautiful.  The Stradivarius is an old violin, is it not?

The first step is to deeply love this body of yours.  

When you love something, you naturally want to take good care of it.  For those of you who play instruments, you love your instruments, don’t you?  You have a natural desire to keep it in good shape, and in tune.  Otherwise you cannot play it.  

Your body is very much like an instrument.  It can play beautifully — but you must keep it in tune.