stop putting out fires

Today we ask that you cultivate stability.

If you can just do this, then everything else will fall into place.

Stable means, non-reactive.  In chemistry, a stable element remains neutral and non-volatile in most environments.  It takes a great deal of energy to trigger a volatile reaction in a stable element.  Unstable elements, conversely, are easily volatile and explosive.  They are dangerous to have around.

People are like this.  You all probably know stable people, and unstable people.  Stable people tend to stay calm.  It takes a lot to trigger reactivity.  Unstable people are always flying off the handle, often at nothing.

As with chemistry, stable people tend to have a stabilizing effect on those they interact with.  Unstable people create volatility and drama wherever they go.

It is okay if you are an unstable person.  Do not judge yourself for it.  Most likely you have been exposed to a lot of unstable energy in your life.  Maybe your parents were unstable, or you have lived in unstable environments.  It is natural that exposure to unstable energy breeds instability.

The good news is, unstable people can, with practice, cultivate stability.  They can become stable.

And this stability is not dependent on external circumstances.

A stable person, like a stable element, tends to remain stable no matter what is going on outside.  Things have to get pretty explosive for a stable person to really heat up.

Meditation is an ancient and highly effective method for cultivating stability.  The simple practice of choosing to sit in one place for a set period of time, observing one’s thoughts without reacting to them, creates a deep foundation of stability.  This is why meditating monks exude an aura of calmness.

Grounding the body by spending time outdoors, or doing stabilizing physical exercise like yoga, or tai chi, greatly helps to cultivate stability.

Many forms of massage, energy work, therapy, and acupuncture/acupressure cultivate stability.

For those of you with a lot of life drama and problems, life feels like you are always putting out fires.  You put out one fire after another.  You are always running low on water, so the fires just smolder.  They do not really go out all the way.  Often the moment you turn your back on a fire, it just lights up again.

Sound familiar?

Cultivating stability is like tapping into a deep reservoir of cool, clear water.  This source is inexhaustible.  It is easy to put out any fire, and the fire stays out.  Moreover, because the ground is well-watered, it is harder for fires to start in the first place.  You are better shielded.

Even if all around you, people are running around screaming because they are “on fire,” you always feel connected to your deep reservoir.  You are stable.  It takes a whole lot to ignite you, and even if this happens, the fire cannot last long or do much damage, because of your connection to that deep, cool reservoir.  

When you really connect to that reservoir, it creates a positive flow of stable energy in your life, which you can then share with others.  You can share your cool, clear water with others who need it.  

Many of you are aware that your world is heating up right now.  There is a lot of volatility.  That is why cultivating stability is the single most useful and intelligent thing you can do, not just for you personally, but for all humanity.

Sometimes, when you stop scrambling to put out all the little fires in your life as you turn your energy toward tapping into the deep reservoir, the little fires appear to grow bigger.  This is normal, and it will pass.  

You will know that you have tapped into the deep reservoir when you begin to experience feelings of deep peace and well-being no matter what is happening in your life drama.  Even if such moments are very fleeting, this is an excellent sign.  Keep doing what you are doing.