you are sacred

Today we ask that you really be honest with yourself about why you do things.

At any moment, you are acting either out of love, or fear.

Even if you are not taking action — your inaction is rooted in love, or fear.

When you are motivated by love, it means that you are driven by something that is felt deep within.  You really believe in what you are doing.  Wild horses could not stop you from doing this thing.  You are passionate, and committed.  You would do this even if you weren’t getting paid, even if there were no ego reward.  You would still do it.  

When you are motivated by fear, it means that you do things out of guilt or obligation.  It means you do things “for the money.”  It means you do things to win other people’s approval.  It means you do things for ego gratification and status.

If you did not get money, status, or approval for what you are doing, there is no way you would do it.

Many people are a muddle.  They want to do things out love, but fear gets in the way.

This is like the person who becomes a doctor out of a real desire to help people, but then becomes compromised as his work is more and more about money and status.  Maybe the doctor makes choices that are not in his integrity as a healer, but win him approval from higher-ups and benefit his bank account.

Many people find themselves compromised in these ways.  The more fear creeps in as your prime motivator, the more miserable life tends to be.

That is why it is essential to be clear with yourself about why you do things.

There is nothing wrong with making money.  However, you should never feel that you are prostituting yourself.

Most prostitution in this world has nothing to do with sex.

Prostitution is really just the commoditization of something sacred.

It is possible to be an actual prostitute, i.e. a sex worker, and not prostitute yourself.  

This is possible when the sex worker perceives that what he or she does is a sacred act, and believes in what he or she is doing.  Then it is out of love, not fear.

Admittedly, this is not common.  But it is possible, and does happen sometimes.

Your life is sacred.  Your time is sacred.  Your energy is sacred.  Your talents and abilities are sacred.

There is sacredness in everything.  Helping someone do their taxes is a sacred act.  Changing a child’s diapers is a sacred act.  Scrubbing a floor is a sacred act.

When you believe your life has no value, then you trade it for things that are meaningless.  A big TV or a luxury car — these things mean nothing when you do not value yourself.

Do what you do out of love.  Sense the sacredness in what you do.  That will imbue your life with meaning, and purpose.

Please do not do things out of guilt, obligation, or just to win money, status, or approval; especially when it feels bad, or out of your integrity.  When you do this, it means you do not value yourself.  No joy will come of it, in the end.