the tyranny of perfectionism

Today we ask that you beware perfectionism.

Perfectionism is an insidious energy.  It is very destructive, and a source of terrible misery.

Perfectionism is life-denying.  It rejects life as it is at this moment, in all its wonderful mess, and complexity.

Perfectionism is tyrannical.  All dictators and tyrants are perfectionists.  They have a vision of a perfect world, and are so obsessed with it that murdering people to achieve their vision is simply part of the equation.

Perfectionism breeds paralysis, blockage, anxiety, depression, and disease.

People who consider themselves very open-minded and spiritual often have a huge blind spot when it comes to perfectionism.

Such people can become such purists in their way of life that they would put religious fundamentalists to shame.  Their way of eating is the best, their way of parenting is the best, they are cleaner and more environmental and more natural.  How critical and judgmental and suffocating this can be.  There is not much difference between such a person and a religious fanatic.

Beware of perfectionism.  Beware of any person who insists that their way of being is superior, especially when that person is humorless about it.  Anyone who lacks a sense of humor cannot be trusted.

Everyone needs to relax.

Everyone needs to know that they are okay no matter what.

Everyone needs to know that it’s okay to make mistakes, to fail, and to fall flat on your face.

Everyone needs to know that you cannot be a 100% perfectly healthy environmentally pure enlightened being.

Everyone needs to know that perfect parenting is impossible.

Perfectionism is impossible because you are already perfect.

Right now, in all your messiness, you are already perfect.

So please relax, and learn to enjoy life.

Life is messy.  That’s the fun of it.

For so many of you, the best thing would be to really learn to relax.