severing psychic cords

Today we ask that you gently, but firmly, sever unhealthy psychic bonds.

What does this mean?

Every person you interact with — whether they are real, or fictional people on TV — is bonded to you energetically.

Some bonds are very strong.  The ties of family.  Close friendships.  Romantic relationships.  

Sometimes people have bonds with people they don’t know — like celebrities, or fictional characters.  These bonds are very real.  They exist on an energetic level.

It is important, in life, to discern which relationships are healthy for you, and which relationships are unhealthy.

Healthy relationships are nourishing.  You feel good around this person.  There may be conflicts, but generally speaking there is a good, nourishing, supportive feeling.  You feel supported and encouraged by this person.  You leave this person feeling good.

Unhealthy relationships feel draining, and destructive.  You feel exhausted around this person.  You feel judged, or attacked.  When you leave this person, you’re in a bad mood.

Remember, these can be people you know very well, or people on TV.  The energy is the same.

Those healthy relationships you have, clasp them close to your heart.  If people make you feel good and nourished, strengthen those relationships.  Nurture those bonds.

With unhealthy relationships, some work must be done.

First of all, if the unhealthy relationship is with someone you don’t know, like a celebrity or fictional character on TV, then the wisest course is to stop watching that TV show or reading gossip about that celebrity.  Choose not to take in things on TV or the internet that feel draining and agitating.  

With people in your life, it is not as easy as changing the channel.

However, it is possible to shift energy around unhealthy relationships, so that they do not drain and exhaust you.

With unhealthy relationships, one thing you can do is to visualize severing the energetic cord that connects you with this person.

If you have a contentious relationship with a parent, sibling, spouse, or child, it is good to start there.

Imagine a cord of light, extending from your belly button like an umbilical cord.  It connects you with this other person, at their belly center.  It may be a very thick cord.  You may even notice a toxic or unhealthy quality to the energy circulating through this cord.

Now imagine taking a ribbon, and tying it around the cord’s midpoint.  The ribbon may be golden, white, violet, blue, green — whatever color comes to mind.  Imagine tying off the cord the way one does with an infant’s umbilical cord.

Tie off the cord gently, but firmly.

Once this is done, imagine the cord severing, at the ribbon.

Your side of the energetic cord retracts into your belly center.  The other person’s side of the cord retracts into his.

Feel a warmth and wholeness spreading into your belly center.

Thank the other person, and end the visualization.

Nothing bad will happen if you do this.

Severing psychic cords does not in any way mean severing the actual relationship.

It is just a way of protecting your energy around destructive people.

Psychic cords always regrow, as long as any relationship is there.  This includes people who have passed from physical existence.  

Sometimes, when you sever the cord, what will happen is that the cord regrows in a healthier way.

Sometimes, with a very intense relationship, it is necessary to imagine severing the cord many times.  Certainly it is good to do before and after you interact with this person.

Practicing this simple exercise will create healing around unhealthy relationships, without you actually doing or saying something to the person.  

It will protect your energy, so that you don’t feel “slimed” by difficult people.

It is okay if you do not believe this.  Try it anyway!  What do you have to lose?