the true meaning of power

Today we ask that you step into your power.

Power is a very misunderstood concept in your reality.

Mostly, people think that “power” means “control.”  It means “getting what you want.”

Therefore, people with a lot of money and status wield the most power, because they can use their money and status to get what they want, and maintain control.

This is all utterly false and nonsensical.

The great dictators of your world are the icons of this misunderstanding.  Men like Hitler and Stalin, Hussein and Qaddafi — such men strove for absolute power, absolute control.

Did Hitler and Stalin, Hussein and Qaddafi get what they wanted?

Yes, they wrought terrible destruction, and destroyed countless lives.

But were they actually in control of their reality?

Did they get what they wanted?

Did their grandiose plans and visions work out, in the end?

No, they did not.

Therefore, what power did they truly possess?

Contrast this with beings like Christ or Buddha.  In your time, consider people like Martin Luther King, Jr., or the Dalai Lama.

Are such people tyrannical?  Are they concerned with staying in control, and forcing people to do what they want?

No, they are not.

Yet they wield a vast power in this world.

It would be healthy for most of you to redefine what you think of as “power.’

Power has nothing to do with money or status.  Money is a form of energy that can be extremely useful in the world.  However, money is not the source of power.  Powerful people may utilize money, but it is not the source of their power.

True power comes from a state of wholeness, and connection with one’s higher self.  Without love, there is no lasting power.

Power devoid of love gives you dictatorial regimes that inflict great trauma on the world, but create nothing that lasts.

Power rooted in love creates works of art that remain breathtaking centuries after their making, when their creators may be long forgotten.

Parents wield power over their children.

If the parent is merely interested in controlling the child and getting the child to do what he wants, this is extremely damaging.  The child will then need to separate completely from the parent in order to be actualized as a person.  When this happens, all the parent’s controlling designs will come crashing down and prove meaningless.

If the parent truly loves the child, then he will use his power for good — not for control, but to do what is best for the child.  Then the parent helps to nurture a healthy, loving individual who may do great good in the world, and the parent is a part of that good.

This is true with all forms of leadership.  There are good, loving leaders who use power well; and destructive, controlling leaders who create a lot of misery, and accomplish little.

Good leadership has nothing to do with money or status.

It is all about one’s wholeness, and capacity for love.

Good leaders rule through love and inspiration.

Poor leaders rule through fear and manipulation.

So: power can be a very good thing, as long as it is based in love, not fear.

Most of you are far more powerful than you believe.

You have bought a lie that only rich, famous people are powerful in your world, and that everyone else is weak and powerless.

This is not true.

Everyone can be powerful.  The mailman can be powerful.  The gardener can be powerful.  The grandmother can be powerful.

You can be powerful.  You are powerful.

Step into your power, from a place of love.  Use your power for good.