feeling blocked?  it's probably fear

Today we ask that you understand that fear always blocks love.

Any blockage you experience in life is caused by fear.  

If you feel a lack of love or joy or abundance in your existence, it is because you are carrying around a lot of fear energy, and this blocks flow.

Look at your relationships.  To the measure that you feel any fear or anxiety about the people you are in relationships with, this will create separation, disconnection, and resentment.

Consciously you may think: “I am not afraid of my husband,” or “I am not afraid of my child.”  But if you sit honestly with this question, you may notice that you carry a lot of fear around your loved ones.

It is good to be conscious of these fears, because if the fears are unconscious, it means you will act them out in mindless reactivity.

Many of you carry a lot of trauma in your bodies and minds.  These are old wounds that are not healed, and create pain, stiffness, and lack of flow.

While it is good to understand what life events have caused this trauma, spending years in therapy examining and reliving these traumas over and over again can actually help to perpetuate the pain.  There are diminishing returns around investigating and reliving trauma.  Initially, it can be very useful; but at a certain point, this is no longer true.

On the whole, methods that work directly with the unconscious mind are more effective than methods that work with the conscious intellect alone.

That is why empty mind meditation is a very effective form of therapy that involves no words or conscious thinking, in the usual sense.

Other tools, like hypnotherapy, as well as methods that involve tapping on the body or engaging in eye movement patterns — like EFT — can be very effective.  Such tools work with the unconscious, where most of your fear resides.  Also, affirmations, when used with wisdom, can be a good tool in this regard.

Many people spend their whole lives being run by unconscious fears.  Every decision they make is motivated by fear.  You can tell when someone is carrying around a lot of fear, because they tend to behave fearfully, and often crazily.  If you encounter someone whose behavior seems bizarre, crazy, and self-destructive, rather than get angry at this person and judge them harshly, it is good to realize that this person is simply carrying around a lot of unconscious fear and is deeply confused.  

It is possible to discharge unconscious fear and trauma.  Talking about it works only to a point.  It is good to balance any talking therapy with meditative practices, physical practices like yoga or massage, and practices that work directly with the unconscious.