being kind to yourself isn't a luxury

Today we ask that you be kind to yourselves.

Most of you are terribly unkind to yourselves.   You really don’t treat yourselves well at all.

No matter how much you do, it is never enough.

No matter what you accomplish, it is never enough.

Always, you should be doing more.  Always, you are not good enough.

What happens when you look in the mirror?  How often are you truly happy with that person?

Always, you feel guilty about something.

Always, your shortcomings and failures gnaw away at you.

Really, you are your own worst enemy.

In this new time, you are asked to stop being so cruel to yourself.

You are doing enough.

You are good enough.

When you are cruel to yourself, it is inevitable that you will lash out at those you love.  No matter how much you may love your child, your partner, your friend — if you cannot love yourself, you will act unlovingly toward them.

You will act unlovingly toward the world.

That is why kindness to the self is not a luxury.  It is a necessity.

It is the only way to be a good partner, a good parent, a good friend.

And it is the only way to heal your world.

If you do not love yourself, it does not matter how virtuous you are to others, or how much of a martyr you may be.

He who cannot take care of himself, cannot take care of others.

So please, be kind to yourselves.  It is not a luxury.  It is a necessity.