the new time

Today we ask that you embrace new ways of being.

Many of you have the experience of feeling stuck or trapped in life.  Things are not moving the way you would like them to.

The reason this is happening now for so many people is because old ways of doing things no longer work.  They used to work, but now they no longer work.

The truth is, the old ways have not been working very well for quite some time.  But now they just don’t work at all.

This is true, of course, for humanity as a whole.

Systems that have been in place for a long time are breaking down.  The sense that old ways aren’t working is very acute in many quarters.  And for many, this feels terribly frightening.

There is nothing to fear.  Truly, there is nothing to fear.

All that is happening is that you are all being asked to embrace a new way of being.

The old way of being was defined by a sense of scarcity, competition, separation, divisiveness, tribalism, fragmentation, and fear.

The new way is defined by a sense of union, community, cooperation, altruism, borderlessness, abundance, and love.  

The old way is fossil fuel.

The new way is solar power.

For many of you, bringing in the new way is your work for this lifetime, no matter what it is you do.

So for those of you who experience a sense of stuckness, it is good to look at your life, and see where you are stuck in the old way of doing things.

The old ways are not going to work anymore.  They may have gotten you this far in life, but they are like a booster rocket that has used up all its fuel, and detached.  For you to continue onward, you must start operating on a new fuel system.

Even if you like being an individual, the new time calls you to be more connected to other beings.  This does not mean a loss of individuality.  But you are a part of this world, like it or not.

The new time asks you to be altruistic.  It asks that your actions be for the greater good.  This does not mean you must devote your life to a charitable organization.  But it does mean asking if your actions are creating harmony in the world.  Certainly you are asked to lessen or cease any harmful behavior — especially toward yourself.

The new time asks you to examine your motives for doing things.  Are you motivated by the desire to give and receive love?  Or are you motivated by fear, guilt, obligation, calculation, or greed?

The new way is purely good.  The new time is purely good.  Changes are coming, yes.  But there is nothing to fear.

If you feel stuck, try something new.  Try something that feels very loving and open-hearted.  Take a risk. Reach out.  It just might be enough to fire up your new engine.