make peace with your past

Today we ask that you make peace with your past.

In order to move forward into the new time with clarity, you must make peace with your past.

Most people are at war with their past.

They wish life had been different.  They wish for better childhoods.  Better breaks in life.  They are angry at people who have wronged them.  Relationships that went sour.  Unfair circumstances.  Bad timing.  A bad economy.

Mainly, they are angry at themselves.  They wish they had done things differently.  Made different choices.  Gone after the right opportunities.  Not wasted time in blind alleys and bad relationships.  Made different career moves.  Had been more conscientious about their health.  Been better parents.  Better spouses.  Better people.  

And on and on it goes.  All the ways people are at war with the past.  Reliving their mistakes and traumas, as if doing so will somehow prevent them from making mistakes or experiencing traumas in the future.  That is, of course, quite impossible.

Make peace with your past.

Make peace with your past.

Know now that there is absolutely nothing you could or should have done differently.

There is no other reality.  No other life you might have had.

Where you are right now at this moment is exactly where you are supposed to be.

The patterns of life are really much more fixed than you believe them to be.  While there is a certain amount of “wiggle room” in any given life path, on the whole beings have much less free will than they might think.

If you believe this, it will liberate you from guilt over past “mistakes.”

There were no mistakes.

Likewise, all the people who “did you wrong” are not your enemies, but your teachers.

Make peace with your past.

Make peace with your past.

Clear the slate now, that you may move forward with a light heart.

You cannot control your future.  Ruminating over your past and analyzing mistakes cannot guard you from experiencing pain and loss in the future.  This is the way life is.

What you can do is become very alive and present in this moment.  Enjoy and appreciate all that is good and beautiful in your life right now.  Be like a little child, full of excitement at the dawn of a new day, full of learning and fun and adventure.  You may fall down and scrape your knee, but that is okay.  It is all a part of life.

Make peace with your past, and enter into this moment with a light heart.

This is what it really means to be “born again.”  It can happen in every moment.